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Part 1 - Set-Up and Editing Your Files

Step 1) Download the FREE Fonts

Download and install the free fonts included in your download pack if you would like the invitations to look just as they did in the listing photos (this is a good place to start and is highly recommended even if you want to use alternative fonts)

Step 2) Open Up the Word Doc

AFTER downloading/installing required fonts, open up the Invitation template in Microsoft Word. The template background graphics may look light and washed out (if you are using a template with non-editable graphics)… don't worry.. they will print full color!

Step 3) Editing the Text Boxes

Click on the text boxes to edit the sample wording. Add or delete text boxes as needed. To add additional text to a text box, click on the bottom part of the text box and drag down to create more room. You can change the fonts, font size, and font color. 

Step 4) Edit the Colors

All templates with editable text, have color editable text boxes.
  Many of our templates also have color editable properties. (check the listing description if you're not sure) 

To change font/text colors - Click on a text box or highlight the text you want to change.  
Then click on the font color box that should be in your home tool bar. 

To change graphic colors - our color editable templates have graphics that act like Microsoft Word Shapes.
There are two ways to edit them. Click on the shape. This may automatically bring up the "Format" toolbar.
You can then click on the fill color drop down and choose a different hue.
You can also change the color by right clicking and selecting Format Shape > Fill Color.

TROUBLESHOOTING: Are you in Compatibility Mode?


Check the Word title bar. Does it display "Compatibility Mode" next to the name of the document?

An easy way to tell is if diagonal fonts do not display diagonally. Or, perhaps the graphics do not display correctly. If so, you'll need to run a quick and easy conversion. Follow the instructions found at the bottom of this page. This is a rare, but known occurrence. Running the conversion should easily fix the problem.



Part 2 - Printing!


Prints can be printed for a low cost at home or at a copy shop (like Kinkos, Staples, etc). Most copy shops will also be able to cut the invitations for you, or will have full-sized paper trimmers available to DIY. Back-loading printers (where the paper does not have to do a 180 degree run) seem to work great for thicker papers.

Unfortunately, with so many different types of printers, we can't offer technical assistance on a one-on-one basis. However, we've compiled a few great tips to make sure your print quality looks great!




Use the thickest stock of paper you can find/that your printer will accept. We recommend 65-110 lb paper. Neenah paper works very well. Generally, the nicer quality of the paper, the more expensive your invitations will look! 

Printer Set-Up


Set your WORD settings on borderless printing (if available) File > Page Setup > Paper Size > US Letter > US LETTER BORDERLESS  Check your Printer Settings, and set those to borderless printing as well. If borderless is not available, you can still easily print as long as the margins are less than .25 inches.


Saving for Copy Shop


Follow the instructions in the previous column to set up your document as US LETTER BORDERLESS. If borderless is not available, go to page setup, and under 'paper size,' choose "custom size" and set margins all to 0.   Then Save As a PDF Document.If you do not save as a PDF, your fonts and text will not display correctly for the print shop. 



Part 3 - Other tips

Moving Multiple Graphics and/or Text Boxes at Once

Click on any text or graphic. Hold down the "shift" key as you click on more boxes. This should select multiple elements at the same time. Now you can move them all as a group! 

Nudge an Image or Text


To nudge an image or a text box a smaller distance: hold down the CTRL key (command key on a Mac) and use the arrow keys to move the image or text box. This will help you have finer control if you choose to move text box or graphic placements.

Envelope Sizing


Invitations are 5 x 7 inches when trimmed and fit A7 Envelopes.  RSVPs are 3.5 x 4.88 and fit perfectly in 4bar envelopes. Try www.envelopes.com to find envelopes in every color of the rainbow! 


Undoing a Mistake 


Click on the text boxes to edit the sample wording. Add or delete text boxes as needed. To add additional text to a text box, click on the bottom part of the text box and drag down to create more room. You can change the fonts, font size, and font color. 

Using Alternative Fonts


Can't or don't want to download our suggested fonts? Want to use a different one? No problem. You can use any fonts already on your computer or ones that you download yourself.

If you choose to use a different font than the ones we have suggested, you may run into issues with fonts looking "cut off" at the edges. If this is a problem, try the following two solutions to make them "fit":

1) Try making the font smaller and/or enlarge the text box by hovering over the edges, and clicking/pulling the corners out with your cursor

2) if the above doesn't work, highlight your text and then click on Format > Paragraph > Spacing. Play around with Before/After values. We suggest starting at 3-5 pts for each, and then trying "double spaced" for line spacing. This works best on text that falls on a single (one) line.




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